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Wenatchee River Guided Steelhead Fishing

The Wenatchee River is Currently Closed

The Wenatchee River is located smack dab in the middle of the "Steelhead State", Washington.  It opens seasonally based on fish numbers.  The Columbia River system typically has very consistent steelhead counts but we usually don't know if the river will open until about a week before it is announced.  Perfect for the spontaneous angler! 

Water and fishing conditions are typically very good through mid to late November.  This river is know for aggressive fish that are willing to take small flies, often with a vengeance!  The fishery often closes during the winter, and "re-opens" in February offering anglers a chance to catch late arriving fish that move in from the Columbia River as the water warms up.  

Wenatchee River Guided Fly Fishing Trips

The Wenatchee is a wonderful river for doing a one or two day trip and focusing your efforts on spey fishing or learning to improve your spey casting.  The water is usually extremely clear and the channels are quite broad.  Anglers that can cast a two handed rod well can expect to hook a couple of fish per day.  Often on very light lines!  Historically the Wenatchee was well known as a "dry line" river with fish eager to take flies at or near the surface.

Cost for Single Day Wenatchee River Guided Trips

  • 8+ Hour Full Day Trip: $550 plus tax

Wenatchee River Day Trips Include

  • Flies, tippet, and small tackle
  • Riverside lunch
  • Non-alcoholic Beverages
  • Rods, including Spey rods, can be provided