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Upland Bird Hunting 101

Heading out into the wild and harvesting your own meat might be earth's ultimate adventure.  It's pure, exciting, challenging, and incredibly rewarding. One problem however is that getting started in the sport of hunting can be a daunting idea for many. Where do you go? What type of gun do I use?  How do I clean my game animals and prep them for the dinner table?  These are logical questions, but we have them all handled for you!

Welcome to the Red's Learn to Hunt Classes.  We want to provide you with fun, safe, and positive hunting mentors so that can join one of the finest traditions known to the human race.  We'll teach the basics from the fundamentals of handling firearms all the way to processing the game you take and prepping it for the dinner table.

Upland Bird Hunting 101 Class

This is our most popular class in the Learn to Hunt series.  We provide everything you need to participate and get a sample of what it's like to get started.

Adventure Includes:
  • 4 Hour Field Class
  • Shotgun Rental
  • Ammunition for both Target Shooting and Hunting
  • Hunting Trip on the Mt. Baldy Pheasant Hunting Preserve
  • Shooting Class and Wingshooting Instruction
  • Bird Cleaning Demonstration
  • Protein Packed Pheasant Breasts (as long as you can hit your shots!)
  • *classes restricted to pre-scheduled dates, however groups or families of 4 or more may request their own private outing.