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Light Spey Gear for Trout

"Spey Casting With Some Action...."

Seasons and Class Format:  On the Yakima River prime time for Trout Spey is effective year round with the late fall being prime time.  November is amazing. 

Trout spey fishing is fun, rewarding, and there is a lot more bites than when you are pursuing Salmon and Steelhead.  In the class we sometimes use the guide's drift boat, but a Watermaster Boat is a great device for Trout Spey. 

Trout Spey Fishalong Clinics Include

  • Casting Instruction (beginners to advanced are all welcome)
  • Fly selection/suggestions (Deadly Dozen Recommended)
  • Leader Setup
  • Sink Tip Advice/Selection
  • Reading Water
  • Various Presentation Strategies
  • Mending and Depth Control
  • More casting

This Sounds Great, What Do I Bring?

*You can purchase anything you need on the day of the trip!