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Vehicle Shuttle Service in the Yakima Canyon

Red's is the only service on the river with a full time staff dedicated to moving vehicles for floaters. Our friendly shop staff can also help you decide what stretch of river might be best for you that day depending on your goals. Red's will get the job done right so your vehicle and keys are exactly where you expect them to be. There is nothing worse than arriving at your predetermined takeout and your vehicle isn't there! That won't happen with Red's.

How Does a Shuttle at Red's Work?

1. The best choice is to simply come into our shop the day you plan to float. This eliminates any chance for confusion or mistakes. There is no need to call in advance, we do shuttles every day so we'll be ready for you. Our staff can recommend a section or length of river for you, help you choose flies, you can get advice, buy ice, have lunch, etc.

2. If you don't plan to visit our shop, but still want a shuttle. Download, print, fill out, and sign the Shuttle Waiver Form and leave it in your vehicle. You must fill this out. Then call our fly shop to let us know where you will be floating and all the details including payment. The waiver must be left in your car and you must call our shop to schedule the shuttle.

*We can never guarantee shuttle service for floaters putting in after 2 pm.

Download a .PDF the Red's Shuttle Waiver Form

What do I do with my keys?

There are several options. The best choice is to leave us with a spare key. Our staff attaches the spare to your paperwork and once your vehicle is moved to your takeout we lock your key safely inside the vehicle. If you don't have a spare key, you can hide the key on the vehicle and after moving your vehicle we will put it back in the same place. Some folks will give us their keyless entry fob and leave a key in the vehicle for us. There are lots of choices, but bring a spare key if you have one.

Shuttle Pricing and Floating Distances
*We can never guarantee shuttle service for floaters putting in after 2 pm.