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Red's Rendezvous III

March 24th, 2012 - 10 am - 4:30 pm

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This is the hottest event in fly fishing!  Red's is featuring T-Motion Films, Catch Magazine, riverside seminars, spey clinics by women's world champion Mia Sheppard, kids activities, food, beer, fashion, fly casting competitions, free casting lessons, and more.  General admission is only $10 and kids 12 and under are free.

Driving Directions to Red's Fly Shop and Canyon River Ranch: .PDF  .DOC

T-Motion Films and Catch Magazine

T-Motion Films
- Todd Moen and Brian O'keefe will be our feature presentation.  There will be 4 showings of various films that will knock your socks off!  After each film Todd will discuss how he was able to capture such incredible footage and give you some backstage input on how these films were created. 

Cinema Show Times:


10:30 am - Catch Magazine Season 1 - features Alpine Bass!

11:30 am - Catch Magazine Season 2 - featuring Golden Dorado!
1:30 pm -
Catch Magazine Season 3 - featuring Yucatan Bonefish!

2:30 pm - Todd Moen's and the Crowd's Favorite Flicks

Outdoor Fishing and Casting Seminars

Troy Lichttenegger

Joe Rotter

Mia Sheppard

Brian O'keefe

Dick Sagara

Charles St. Pierre


10:30 am - Steelhead Fishing the PNW with Red's Superguide Troy Lichtenegger - Spey, Switch, or Single Hand?  Learn a bit about all of these techniques including steelhead swinging, nymphing, and real strategies for steelhead on the Methow, Wenatchee, and Klickitat Rivers. This will be hosted near the Red's Boat Launch on the river.  A real guide, real info, and on the river.  It doesn't get any better than this!


12:00 pm - Witness the Distance and Learn to Cast Far with Brian O'keefe - Learning to master all the energy in a fly rod WILL help you catch more fish.  Learn techniques from Brian that will help you build line speed to catch more fish and get that extra oommph when you need it.  This will be hosted at the main casting arena below the lodge during lunch time.

1:00 pm -   Spey Intro, Tune Up, and Advanced Spey Casting with Big Distance! - Charles St. Pierre of Northwest Spey Casting and Mia Sheppard of Little Creek Outfitters will host instructional sessions and seminars for spey casters of all levels.  First timers please join us!  This will be hosted on the river in front of the lodge.  Bring your waders and we'll provide the rods!


2:30 pm - Learn to Double Haul with Joe Rotter - Watch and learn how and why you should learn to double haul fly cast.  After seeing this, you can learn in your own backyard on your own time and dime.  The Double Haul will improve your fishing game and you won't learn unless you try it!  This will be hosted at the main casting arena.  According to Joe, this is the #1 skill intermediate anglers must learn if they want to make varsity.



3:00 pm - Switch to a Switch Rod with George Cook - See a master at work and learn the ins and outs of using a switch rod for more than just a long indicator rod.  George will show you how to maximize the performance of your switch rod with lots of casting advice for both spey and hybrid single hand techniques.


Big Raffle Item

Help Us Support the Yakima Kidís Fish-In Program!


Support a great cause and become the best dressed fly fisher on the river!  Last year over 1000 kids participated in this community fishing event.

The Grand Prize - Winner Takes All $2000 worth!


Sage 9' 5 weight VXP fly rod 4 pc - the NEWEST Sage rod on the market!

Lamson Velocity Fly Reel

Rio Gold Floating Fly Line

Simms G3 Gore Tex Waders (sized to fit winner)

Korkers Interchangeable sole Wading Boot (sized to fit winner)

Fishpond Fly Fishing Vest

Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

Merrill fly box with 5 dozen trout flies


The retail value of this spectacular package is over $2000.00!  Raffle tickets are available for $10 each or (6) for $50.  All net proceeds go directly to the Kids Fish-In program, which relies on over $12,000.00 of private funds to operate.  Tickets are available through Red's Fly Shop, Canyon River Ranch Lodge, Kidís Fish In, and the Yakima Greenway board.  The winning ticket will be drawn at the Red's Rendezvous on March 24th at Canyon River Ranch lodge. Winner need not be present to win.  To purchase the winning ticket, call 509-933-2300! 

Fly Fishing Theatre in the Lodge Library


Marty Sheppard

Steve Laurent

Steve Joyce

Joe Rotter

Brian O'keefe


10:00 a.m - Summer Steelhead Fishing by Brian O'keefe

Stay inside, gawk at incredible photos, and learn from an experienced veteran on how, where, and when to fish for steelhead in the PNW.  Before he was the world's most famous photographer, Brian was a steelhead guide. A good one. Along with a great show you will also learn how to catch more fish!

11:00 a.m. - Destination Washington with Joe Rotter

Non resident licenses are expensive and out of style.  Learn where, why, and how to fish some of Central Washington's best and most overlooked waters like the Naches River, Lake Lenice, Lower Yakima River Smallmouth Bass, Columbia River Carp, Rocky Ford Rainbows, Cle Elum River, and more!

12:30 p.m. - Take Better Outdoor Photographs by Brian O'keefe

This was our most popular event last year.  Brian does a great job of explaining how to take better shots with the camera gear that you already own.  He is one of the world's leading photo artists and is very good at teaching the general public how to capture those special moments on film.

1:00 p.m. -  Flats Fishing in Ascension Bay, Yucatan, Belize, Cuba, and more by Brian O'keefe

Come with Brian on a virtual trip through mangroves and out into the flats of Ascension Bay.  This seminar is a step by step journey of what its like traveling from the trout and steelhead waters of the PNW and adjusting to fishing for species like Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snook, and Barracuda.  There will be a great photo show and it is usually good for some laughs!

2:00 p.m. -  Smallmouth Bass Fishing Strategies by Marty Sheppard

Marty is the owner and operator of Little Creek Outfitters and in addition to an over-the-top steelhead program he also runs fabulous trips on the John Day River for Smallmouth.  Come learn how to fly fish for Smallmouth Bass from one of the best in the business.

3:00 p.m. -
Trophy Alaska Trout Fishing with Steve Laurent/Fish Eye Design Photo Show

Steve Laurent's work is currently being featured at Canyon River Ranch Lodge

Come join Steve Laurent G.M. Pilot of Bristol Bay Lodge (Alaska).  He will be showing a slideshow on Bristol Bay Lodge and his photography work with Fisheye-Design.

About Steve Laurent...

Steve Laurent grew up in Minnesota, surrounded by water and fly fishing. As a young man his wanderings took him to southwest Alaska, where he found work as a fishing guide at Bristol Bay Lodge. Heís worked there for a quarter of a century, and now manages the lodge.


Thereís a certain spark in great artwork thatís difficult to define, and hard to ignore. The photography of Steve Laurent has that fire. His inspiration is drawn from time spent on the water, whether in Alaska, or on the steelhead rivers in his home state of Washington.


The imagery created by Laurent transcends the mere literal recording of an event. His work is imaginative, and leaves a good part of its interpretation up to the viewer. Unlike the perfectly focused and heartbreakingly beautiful photographs that have become the norm, Laurentís work challenges the viewer, often producing more questions than answers. He offers us a fresh look into the passion of fly fishing.


To recognize a photographerís work without reading the photo credit is perhaps the highest compliment one can give. Steve Laurentís style has become his signature. 


Written by Bob White.

Red's Fly Shop - Casting Arena

All Day Event -  Red's Ultimate 5 Weight Fly Rod Shootout and Competition directed by Mike Canady

"What is the best all around 5 weight rod on the market?"   

Contestants will cast, compete with, critique, and value each of the top rods on the market.  They will consider their actual results, distance, accuracy, and then get to rate the rods by overall feel, price, etc. After analyzing scores they will get to vote as to what the best "all around" 5 weight rod is and ultimately answer the question "what rod would I buy if I were shopping today".  There has never been another shootout like this.  Most are done by fly shops and out of work guides.  We want honest votes from an unbiased group of customers, that's you.  Now let's throw some line!

10 am - 2 pm -
George Cook's Fly Casting Boot Camp

Fly casting is supposed to be fun right?  So is Fly Casting Boot Camp!  George has been with Sage Fly Rods for decades and is an incredible single hand caster and instructor.  Learn from him and get your sloppy cast cleaned up and start catching more fish!  He will be our celebrity casting instructor at the main fly casting arena.

All Day Event - Fly Casting for Beginners with the FFF

The FFF is here to help!  Carl Johnson and his team from the Federation of Fly Fishers are here to help you learn fly casting in a friendly 1:1 environment.  These guys are good.  Don't be intimidated because this crew is ready to help you learn even if you have never even looked at a fly rod before!

12:15 pm - Better Fly Casting for All Skill Levels by Dick Sagara

Dick puts on a great seminar on how the fly cast really works and watching this WILL improve your fly cast. It appeals to all skill levels and is a must see.  This will be hosted at the main casting arena.

Wild Game Cooking Demonstrations


11:00 am & 2:00 pm - Pheasant and Elk Recipes with wild game specialist Chef Nanci Giacolone

Learn to cook delicious recipes of both elk and pheasant from wild game kitchen sensation Nanci Giacolone.  This event will be sponsored by the Yakima Valley Pheasants Forever group, and is always popular!

Kid's Fly Fishing Activities


11 am - 2 pm - Fun for the entire family!  Kids may join this group at any time.  There will be nearly 2 hours of kids fishing activities that includes casting, fly tying, an insect hunt, more casting, and a campfire with marshmallows!  Great fun for everyone and a great way to get your kids introduced to fly fishing.  Hosted in the lower casting arena.  This will be led by Red's guide Stefan Woodruff


Starts at 11:00 am in the lower casting area near the fire pits, kids may join or drop at any time.
11:00 am: Casting the fly rod (Grass casting area)
11:30 am: Bug Hunt (Riverbank Ė not IN the water)
12:00 pm: Lunch break Ė with parents (Dutch Oven BBQ Pork lunch available for $7)
1:00 pm: Fly tying Ė match the hatch (Build the flies you saw at the Bug Hunt in Library)
2:00 pm: Casting the fly rod (Grass casting area)
2:30 pm: Campfire with Marshmallows (campfire area below lodge)


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