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Wade Fishing Adventure Class

"A Good Fly Fishing Mentor is Priceless"...

We want you to succeed!  All of these courses are designed as the final step for students that have come through our Fly Fishing 101 and 201 courses, or folks that have done some casting, have the gear, but need some 1:1 mentor-ship on how to fly fish a stream.

A Variety of Adventures to Choose From

We teach this course on several destinations in Central Washington. While our most popular course is on the Yakima River, we also head for smaller streams during the heat of summer to help anglers discover new fisheries and expand their knowledge base.  Just browse the calendar to see the variety of offerings on various streams!

Fly Fishing 301 Wade Fishing the Yakima River

Our course that is based on the Yakima River is a great way to learn both practical fly fishing skills, and the nuances of wade fishing the Yakima Canyon. The Yakima is a big challenging river, but our instructors have spent many years here and we will detail out exactly how, when, where, and why to approach the Yakima River for success. You will be able to replicate these ideas and techniques on any river, so there is immense value to this specific class. This course consists of a short indoor seminar, some quick casting refreshers, and on river wading techniques and demonstration. The goal is that you can replicate the experience you have with our guide completely on your own with confidence and success.

You will meet at the fly shop and go through a brief orientation. The instructor will make sure everyone has what they need and you will head for the river. The class will caravan to several different access sites learning and fishing at various points along the river. The class is officially about 4 hours long, students may stay on the river and fish the balance of the day on their own. The focus of the class is definitely on learning, you have the rest of your life to put this new knowledge to good use!

Class Topics Include:

  • Line Mending and Presentation - advanced upon the 201 lessons.
  • Streamer Fishing - strip, swing, dead drift.
  • Indicator Nymphing - various techniques defined and demonstrated.
  • Upstream Dry Fly Presentations
  • Dry Fly and Dropper Nymph Combo Strategies
  • Fly Selection - what you really need to know and MUST HAVE flies!
  • Wading Safety
  • Where, When, and How to fish the Yakima River Canyon and similar streams
  • Hatches and Seasons on the Yakima River
  • Approach Strategies, how to approach the water and pick your angles.
  • Fish handling & Release
  • Gear - see what the guides and advanced anglers really use.
  • Ask Anything! - we will answer tough questions and demonstrate techniques you are curious about.

This Sounds FUN! What Should I Bring?

Please know that we have a friendly shop staff that can assist you in purchasing anything you need with a low pressure style that respects any budget. We sincerely want you to have a great experience and being well outfitted is a big part of your success.

  • Fly rod and reel, you can rent or buy on the day of the class.
  • Sunglasses
  • Visor or hat
  • Jacket (class is outside)
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Flies, you will be able to purchase the right flies for the class that very same day
  • Waders and Boots, you can rent or buy on the day of the class.
  • All of your fly fishing gear... you will go fishing!