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Essential River Skills - Fly Fishing 201

In Fly Fishing 201 the lessons will be brought to the next level.  Students learn how and when to false cast, shoot line, and cast much further than they did in 101.

Students learn to set up an entire fly fishing leader and line.  When to fish dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. Our instructors demonstrate correct rigging and set-up so that you know exactly how your leader, line, and fly should look. The work in class focuses on presenting the fly correctly to the places where fish eat.

Presentation of the Fly is Everything

The art of achieving a proper fly drift requires a technique known as mending. Mending is demonstrated and each student learns how to get a "drag-free" drift. 

learn to fly cast

In 201 students spend time with the instructor to review progress and ask questions.  These classes are typically a bit smaller and this is when you will get more 1:1 attention. There is a comprehensive Q & A session to prepare students for the final core class which is.... GOING FISHING!  

Class Cost and Details

  • Or... Pick Your Own Date
  • *Groups of 4 or more may request their own date for $400
  • Call for Reservations!  (509) 933-2300

Practice Makes Perfect

The additional casting instruction that students get by adding the Fly Fishing 201 class to their day is priceless.  Combine that with learning to set up leaders for dry fly fishing, nymphing, and streamer fishing and you will be ready to go fishing with confidence at the end of these two courses.  

What is Nymph Fishing?

what is nymph fishing

Trout feed below the surface each day, in fact 90% of what a trout eats is under water. When fish are not active at the surface, anglers target fish below the surface to simulate insect movement under water. Participants learn nymphing skills including rigging, casting to the feeding lanes and seasonal fly patterns.  

What is Streamer Fishing?

When trout grow larger, they cannot get sufficient nutrition from an insect diet. Large trout

what is streamer fishing

 will actually eat eat smaller fish to sustain their diet. Streamers represent smaller fish in the water and are used to attract larger fish. We will identify good holding water and proper rigging for targeting fish on streamers.  Often we even use a screen to show the students some of the actual forage fish that big trout eat like a Sculpin or even a Crawfish!  There is no substitute for seeing the real thing. 

What Should I Bring to Class?

  • Fly rod and reel (if you have one, but we provide gear for anyone that needs it)
  • Sunglasses
  • Visor or hat
  • Jacket (class is outside)
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Lunch/Dinner available at Canyon River Grill!

Deposit and Cancellation Policy:

Our goal is to make scheduling adventures with Red's stress free and fair for everyone involved.  Cancellations made by the customer less than 24 hours from the start time, or failure to show, will forfeit 50% of the total cost.  If you cancel more than 24 hours from the start time, you may reschedule or request a refund - 5% to cover processing fees and labor.  If Red's decides to cancel the event due to adverse conditions the customer may request a full refund.