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Introduction to Fly Fishing

Ever seen A River Runs Through It? Or met someone who is simply crazy about fly fishing, a real fly fishing addict? Ever thought, "I'd like to try that too!" Well, this is your chance to find out what all the excitement is about. Fly Fishing 101 is a survey of our sport, an informative, hands-on stream-side introduction into the world of fly fishing and fly casting. It is fun, low pressure, and makes a great starter class or review for rusty anglers.

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Basic Fly Casting Instruction

With conventional spin fishing, effective casting depends on the weight on the end of the line. Fly fishing is different. Fly casting works because the weight in the middle moves the fly to the target. Once a student understands this, casting is easy!

Learn the Essential Knots for Fly Fishing  

essential knots for fly fishing

In order to go fly fishing... you need a fly on your line.  To get a fly on your line.... you need to tie a knot!  Understanding a few basic knots is all that is needed to go fly fishing. We teach the knots you need to know and tie them together. If knots are "not" your thing, you really only need one (the easiest) and you are good!

Learn Where Trout Live

We cover reading a river to understand where to cast. Fish congregate in certain areas to feed, regardless of how expansive a river is. Once you understand this, you can read any river and catch fish anywhere.

No Need to Write it All Down... Get This Book!

We have a book available at the fly shop on the day of the class that fits right in-line with
book for beginning fly fishing
 our teaching style, simple, fun, and affordable.  It is called the "Curtis Creek Manifesto".  It is a fun book that uses illustrations and humor, beginning anglers can use it, to teach basic fly fishing, casting, knot tying, and all around angling skill.    

While this book is a good laugh and very simple, it is the best text we have found for anyone getting into fly fishing to understand the basic concepts of fishing and casting.  You can also order this from our online fly shop. 

Cost and Class Registration

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  • $59 per person
  • Or... Pick Your Own Date!
    *Groups of 4 or more may request their own date and we'll schedule a private class for a total cost of $400
  • Class is approximately 3 Hours
  • Most Students Elect to take Fly Fishing 101 and Fly Fishing 201 in the same day if offered consecutively

Deposit and Cancellation Policy:

Our goal is to make scheduling adventures with Red's stress free and fair for everyone involved.  Cancellations made by the customer less than 24 hours from the start time, or failure to show, will forfeit 50% of the total cost.  If you cancel more than 24 hours from the start time, you may reschedule or request a refund - 5% to cover processing fees and labor.  If Red's decides to cancel the event due to adverse conditions the customer may request a full refund.  

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