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Rocky Ford Creek - Group Outing

Rocky Ford is one of the most famous trophy trout fisheries in the west. Its other unique attribute is that it is public spring creek water, the trout are consistently large, and it is 95% site casting. It is located near Ephrata, Washington about an hour east of Red's Fly Shop.

It is almost all sight casting.... That's right you can see the fish and it is so much fun! The downside? The fish are pretty well educated and a little advice from a professional goes a long ways. The good news is that for a great value we offer an outing on Rocky Ford Creek alongside a pro guide that will teach you many tips, tactics, fly patterns, and tactics. He will show you where and how to fool these large trout.

Because of its popularity, we host our Rocky Ford Destination Outings mid-week to avoid the crowds and provide some solitude to the group. Our classes to Rocky Ford are usually small and you will get lots of attention from the guide and plenty of fishing in.

The Ultimate Site Casting Trip

Rocky Ford is one of the best streams in WA State to land true 4-5 pound Rainbow trout on a fly rod while site casting! That's right, you will SEE the trout here. It is a spring creek fishery that offers great year round public access and consistent water conditions. You never have to worry about ice flows or spring runoff at “The Ford”! Every fly fisher owes it to themselves to experience this challenging fishery. You will see other anglers, and the fish may be picky, but just seeing these big trout in their natural state will give you a new perspective of the term “presentation” in fly fishing.

The creek itself originates from a single spring that boils right out of the ground. In the early 1940's a trout hatchery was built that utilized the rich spring water to grow big Rainbow trout and other Salmonids. The hatchery itself has evolved over time and is currently owned by Troutlodge LLC that is one of the world's leaders in effectively hatching trophy trout stock. Troutlodge routinely stocks Rocky Ford with big brood stock and younger rainbow trout that grow fast in the rich aquatic environment of Rocky Ford. It is one of only a few "Fly Fishing Only" streams in the state of Washington.

Spring creek fishing is very technical and challenging. Unlike big rivers, at no time will you wonder where the fish are holding, as you can often see them in their lies! Instead of searching for the fish, you are attempting to unlock the mystery of what they are eating, and how to present a fly to them without spooking them. It becomes a wily chess match between trout and angler. Welcome to the world of spring creek fishing. Light lines, small flies, and big smart trout!