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Euro Nymphing Clinic and Wade Fishing Adventure

"ESN may be the deadliest fly fishing technique...."

Seasons and Destinations: Our fisheries will vary be season as we try to take advantage of the most optimal wading conditions and fishing. 

Euro style is also commonly called Czech nymphing. Its a very productive strategy but it absolutely requires some mentoring to get proficient at in a reasonable amount of time. It's universally used at nearly every competitive fly fishing event.  It's VERY effective.

ESN Clinics Include

  • 3 Hour Class (this is designed so you can split up and fish the balance of the day with your new skills)
  • Leader Setup and Construction Including All Knots
  • Mentored Fishing
  • Reading Water
  • Fly Selection and Setup
  • Rod Demo (we'll have ESN specific rods to try)
  • Learn a New Destination and Spots to Fish

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