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Lessons on Rowing Drift Boats and Personal Watercaft

"Get Your Hands On Some Oars..."

Seasons and Format:  This is a 2 person clinic that has an exclusive emphasis on learning to row.  Rowing your own river boat is a fun way to experience some adventure and we want to get you trained up quickly by getting you rowing for a few hours on your very first outing.

You won't find a better crew and location to learn the skills necessary to row and manage both drift boats, rafts, and personal watercrafts. Our lessons are personal, professional, and most importantly will get you rowing enough in a single outing to get confident.

These lessons can be scheduled almost anytime, but we prefer weekdays if possible so that there is minimal other traffic on the river to contend with.  We'll teach you all the basics from putting boats in the water at the launch, to taking the boat out of the water at day's end. When it comes to rivers... there are lots of opportunities to fumble and our goal will be to let you learn from our past mistakes.

Rowing Lessons Include:

  • Put ins
  • Take outs
  • Anchoring
  • General safety
  • Proper rowing form
  • Hazzard evasion
  • How to avoid "catching" an oar 
  • Reading the river
  • How to "take" a rock in the event you will bump into something
  • Common mistakes
  • 2-3 hours on the water training
  • Training applicable to drift boats, rafts, or personal watercrafts (you will be in a drift boat during this lesson)
  • You may bring your own boat to float/fish after the lesson. (to insure safety/quality the instructor requires using his boat for the actual lesson float)
  • Shuttle service included.
  • Max 2:1 ratio
  • No fishing. We'll concentrate exclusively on learning to row boats and making the most out of your investment.