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Roosters for Upland Bird Dog Training

The Lmuma Creek valley on the Red's Mt. Baldy Hunting preserve is a wonderful place to polish up or train your best 4 legged hunting pal.

Bucket O' Birds Dog Training Kit

Many hunters will purchase multiple buckets of these birds and make it a full day of work.  In order to get the most bang for their buck, many dog handlers prefer to release their own birds one at a time.  This helps achieve a more focused training session.  You'll pick up your bird crates at Red's in the morning, and you'll have full access to our dog training preserve to plant your birds and hunt them.

  • 3 Rooster Pheasants
  • Access to the Red's Mt. Baldy Hunting Preserve
  • If its your first time planting roosters or your first time with Red's, our staff will try and set some time aside to escort you to the preserve and teach you some basics on planting roosters and dog training. (schedule permitting - we cannot guarantee this part of the service)