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Travel With Your Friends at Red's Fly Shop

2018 Hosted Travel Adventures

2019 Hosted Travel Adventures

Planning a big trip can be challenge.  There are many logistics to consider, especially choosing the right lodge.  Couple that with getting on a plane with strangers and flying halfway around the world!  This can be a daunting task.  Make it fun and stress free by traveling with Red's Fly Shop.

Our crew personally hosts a variety of trips each year and our goal is for you to have a friend in the travel business. Our reservations team and onsite hosts will do everything in their power to make sure that you and your party have the best possible fly fishing experience. 

We will act as mentors to the best of our ability and make sure that the ground logistics are managed well and run as efficiently as possible.

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Why Travel With Red's Fly Shop?

  • Our hosted trip costs are equivalent to what you would pay for the same service booking directly, plus you'll enjoy traveling and working with our staff.  
  • Destination lodges rely on shops like Red's to survive.  Our groups tend receive above average service, because we're viewed as one big fat customer.
  • Our situation is a win, win, win.  The guests travel with a group leader, the lodge gets booked full, and our host gets to fish.  Everyone's happy.
  • Because travel is only a part of our business, Red's can be selective about the destinations and lodges we work with.  We don't attempt to drive our bottom line by adding more destination and trips.  We carefully choose a handful of trips each year.
  • Nearly ALL of our trips are personally hosted by a professional guide from Red's
  • We are the premier online fly shop in the country - purchasing flies, leaders, and any necessary gear couldn't be easier.
  • Guests recieve 10% off all trip related retail purchases
  • On-site pre-trip casting seminars available
  • Highly Detailed Trip Planners/Itineraries
  • Convenient Payment Processing
  • We feel very fortunate to work in this industry and our team is completely dedicated to helping your group have the BEST possible experience. 

Red's Fly Shop has built a reputation of being one of the very best fly fishing outfitters in the United States if not the world. We are extremely proficient at controlling the elements of our own guided trips, therefore we know what to look for in the destinations that we choose to work with in other parts of the world. We will only work with destinations that operate on the same quality level and customer service oriented philosophies that we do.

Preparation and Pre-Trip Planning

On our hosted trips, one of our qualified staff will focus on teaching, planning, and 

bonefish and flats fishing seminar

communicating all details that will make your trip a success far in advance. Before you leave, we will even host workshops at our shop/lodge to show you how to tie the correct knots, select the right flies, increase casting proficiency, and teach the different strategies for the various species. We will be sure that you leave prepared, informed, and confident.

This includes helping you learn to fly cast BETTER to make the most out of your adventure.  We sincerely want you to have the best possible experience on our hosted trips.

Red's Fly Shop Host at the Lodge

Once at the lodge, we'll help match anglers with guides and coordinate special requests on a daily basis to maximize your enjoyment of the day spent on the water.  If there is a particular guide that you liked, we'll try to pair you up the next day.  If there was a guide that you didn't hit it off with, we'll be sure you don't fish together again.  Our hosts will be very active in being absolutely sure that the lodge and guides meet your expectations.

Payment and Deposit Policies

A 50% deposit is due within 10 days of the reservation.  We accept checks, PayPal, and credit cards.  Final payments are due 60 days from the departure date. For all trips scheduled less than 60 days out, full payment is required upon reservation. We recommend purchasing trip insurance and a medical evacuation policy for these trips. 

For all Reds Fly Shop travel adventures, both deposits and final payments are non-refundable unless a client is replaced. i.e. you (or we) can find someone to take your spot.  Both your deposit and final payment can be transferred to another client for the same trip.  Red's Fly Shop reserves the right to apply a $100 processing fee for itinerary changes.