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Used Drift Boats For Sale!

With the river finally coming back into shape and expectations for it hold through the summer, now is the time to think about calling your fishing buddy and going in together on the drift boat that you've been talking about for years!  Yes, we all know how those conversations go as you're driving East on I90 and pass a truck pulling a drift boat.  "Oh - look at those lucky guys.  I'll bet they're going to float the canyon."  Your buddy responds, "Yeah, we need to get a boat one of these days.  You know we'd go fishing a lot more if we had one!"  The return trip is similar dialogue, but usually includes some version of, "Imagine all of the fish we could have caught if we had our own drift boat!"  

Well, today must be your lucky day!  We have not 1, but 2 NICE Used Drift Boats in stock.  The first one is this 2014 Clackacraft Eddy.  It has been well cared for and is in great shape.  It comes with galvanized trailer and cover, and is river ready.  The price on this one has been recently dropped to $7395. Click Here for details and photos! 

The next one is a 2003 Hyde in very good shape.  It comes with cover, cataract oars, chain anchor, and cover.  The owner had this boat re gel coated by Hyde in 2016.  It is river ready for only $4295!  

Email steve@redsflyshop.com with any questions or inquiries on these boats.  The forecast for the weekend shows clouds and cooler weather.  That means be on the water around 2 pm with an assortment of PMD's on hand.  These Yakima trout will likely be sipping them in the flats!


I am interested in the Hyde boat for sale
I am interested in the Hyde boat.......do you have more specs? I will be in Yakima this week for work
I have sent two emails and not gotten any response...Anyone else?

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