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Power Outage Today - Contact Info Here

It's always an adventure!  We lost power last night which puts our phone lines down as well. We'll have some staff in the shop, but the best way to ask questions or arrange some bookings is by email.  I am logged in watching the shop email account, so feel free to reach out. If you include your phone number we'll call you back.

Contact:  staff@redsflyshop.com

We expect to be back to normal by tomorrow mid-day.

Thanks and fish on!


What do you guys think about the Redington Rise III 5/6 reel? I am normally a Galvan Rush guy, but these look nice and about $100 cheaper?
It's a very nice reel. Clean lines, seems to be very good alloy as well. In fact, we've never seen a single return or a problem with these. I really like them.
wanted to come down Mon 7/23 ... cant get down early in the AM, so is it best to do like an evening float? dont need 8 hrs. I just cant get to yakima til after 11am ....

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