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Podcast Episode 26 - Fall Nymph Fishing Strategies

Hi folks, its time to adjust your wet fly strategy with the cool nights, warm days, and very clear water conditions throughout the western states.  Times are a changin'.  Along with the shorter days, anglers should adjust their setups and strategies to reflect trout that are a bit more cautious but still very hungry.  

There are several ways to listen to our Podcast, but the best is to download the Podbean App for your smartphone and you can stop/start much easier.  The other way is to simply listen using a browser.  Anyway, there is some great information here for you to listen to and I have also hyperlinked some of the flies and tackle mentioned in the Podcast right here.

Thanks for listening!

Anchor Flies for Weight

This is the "Dirty Politician" a SUPER HIGH QUALITY attractor nymph that sinks fast and catches trout on either a strike indicator rig or Euro style nymphing.

Lighter Nymphs as Dropper/Trailer

Strike Indicator Materials and a System

I personally use the New Zealand Wool exclusively for my indicators for these lightweight setups. You can use the New Zealand Tool, or simply fix them to the leader with an overhand knot "half hitch" style.  You can's adjust the depth that way, so it's limiting, so I simply alter the tippet length.

Tippet Material for Nymph Fishing


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