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How to Setup Mono Running Line and a Spey Shooting Head

We do A LOT of these at Red's.  One of our specialties is setting up custom spey and switch rod systems and as mono- running lines have improved, this means that a lot more setups are being roped up with a mono shooting line.

As a review, see this image that diagrams how the entire system for a spey shooting head works:  In the video below we'll show you how to either setup or replace your old worn out vinyl running line.

What Mono Running Line Will Do For You:

  1. Shoots further
  2. Same distance requires less effort
  3. Makes cramped or tough casts easier
  4. Affordable (replace your old line and buy an extra)

MONO Running Lines Available at Red's Fly Shop

  1. OPST Lazar Line Mono Shooting Line
    OPST Lazar Shooting Line - Running Line for Spey

  2. RIO Slick Shooter Shooting Line
    RIO Slick Shooter Running Line

Both are great products, the OPST is considered the premium running line but the RIO Slick Shooter is very good and half the price.  Up to you.  


Great resource thanks! How much running line are you loading on the reel?
I'm using 25-30 m runing, shooting line on the reel.
I want to know more about setup mono running . Please advice me .

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