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Czech Nymphing Class and Great Success

One of my students hooked up during class, wading at Red's Fly Shop.

On Saturday morning I hosted a 3 person Czech or Euro Nymping Class, which is basically a private lesson as the group maxes at 3 anglers.  The format is simple, we use the boat to hit a few quick buckets and I demo techniques, teach setups, reading water, and how to hook some fish.

The Yakima is Tough to Wade... fact.

Now many of you have struggled to have good wade fishing success in the Yakima Canyon. It's big and intimidating.  The water is swift and you can't simply hike up and downstream like a small river. Its tough.  Don't feel bad if you suck at wade fishing the Yak!  Guides have the luxury of a sleek boat and cover 5-15 miles per day fishing on the move targeting the most aggressive fish with attractor patterns. We use big dry flies, bobbers, stoneflies, and flashy nymphs.  This is usually not a successful strategy for a wade fisherman. You can't cover enough water to fish attractors. I would also encourage ALL boat owners, this includes pontoon boats, drift boats rafts, especially watermasters, canoes, or any other tub that can get you safely from point A to B to become a transportation device for you.  As long as flows are under 3,500 cfs you can find spots to use this technique. Don't bother fishing while floating, find the honey spots and milk 'em. Czech nymph 'em.  

Why Learn to Czech Nymph? 

Here is the deal. I didn't take up this damn addictive habit so I could catch more fish. I do fine already. I did this so that I can share with you how to use this strategy. If you are a DIY angler that wants to be more productive fishing ON FOOT without a guide learn this style.  It's the most effective wade fishing strategy from a pure numbers standpoint.  Why?  You can imitate nymphs, 90% of the trout's food source, in an extremely natural manner. Superior to an indicator assuming you fish water that you can approach the fish and get close.  This is a deadly tactic. If you can't cover as much water get a better presentation strategy. Simple.

My Testimonial From Saturday

On Saturday two anglers hadn't fly fished much at all.  Pretty much starting from scratch, they had watched a few of my videos and thought this made sense. Their goal is to get good at catching a few trout on foot. Many of you that have tried wade fishing the Yakima know how hard it can be. Most folks get skunked. They can't cover enough water, its tough to read, the trout are smart, and the tactics they learned on the guide trip often aren't effective while casting over trout on foot. You'll often get a bite on the first cast from an aggressive trout and after that.... they go cold.  Because the presentation with Czech nymphing rigs is more subtle, incredibly natural, and effective you can work over a piece of water for a long time and continue to catch trout after trout.  

I showed them how to rig up, fished for a few minutes, hooked and stung a couple of fishing then got a father and son going. Even though they were using 9' rods (10' -11' rods are WAY more effective) within 10 minutes they each caught a trout wading.  The son went on to LAND 6 trout in 1:45 minutes of wade fishing near Red's.  He hooked at least a dozen.  He didn't lose a single fly.  The cool part?  These guys now know the recipe!  

It inspires me that I can teach a strategy that will help anglers come to my home river and have more success. I only ask a few things. Play the trout fast, don't take them out of the water, quit after 20 fish landed, and be kind to the trout!  They're everyone's resource.  

How to Get Setup for Czech Nymphing on the Yakima River

You really should get a 2-3 weight rod 10' - 11' long.  We sell a few models with the Sage ESN being the best.  Get a leader, 18 tungsten jighead nymphs, and this dvd. Modern Nymphing. You'll need to get some reps in and/or hire Curtis or Joe for a Half Day float or find a class to get in.  

To be perfectly honest, I am slammed and wish that I could put together more videos faster outlining this technique.  So many people would have a more rewarding and effective DIY outing on the Yakima if they used this strategy.  

Here is another article that I posted:  

Rods:  Redington Hydrogen 11' #3 (perfect for big water like the Yakima River)
Flies:  Czech Nymphing Flies (ignore the Jiggy Worm)

Here is a video with some basic info:


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