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Bird Hunting Membership Opportunities

2018 Red's Hunting

Membership Program


Red's Fly Shop leases over 50,000 acres of prime ranch ground in Eastern Washington.  While our main quarry is the Chukar partridge that lives atop the high rimmed basalt ridges surrounding the sage brush plateaus, we also encounter Valley Quail, Huns, and Pheasants.  A benefit to the Red's member program is that these properties have very good vehicle access throughout, enabling hunters to plan much easier hikes if that is their desire.  The birds tend to spend a lot of time on the flats as opposed to the steep rocky hillsides in the relatively unpressured private setting.  An attractive feature of the bird hunting program is the opportunity to run dogs on birds for 9 months of the year.  While many of our members main goal is to hunt wild birds, the 1000 acre preserve is perfect to get their dogs out and into shape before the wild bird season opens, and also a great way to extend their season into the Spring when most hunters put the kennels on the top shelf of the attic for the season.

Each individual may bring immediate family members and  /or one guest each time out, so long as they hunt together.  Additional guests are allowed based on daily availability and subject to a $100 access fee.


1.     Unlimited access to wild bird hunting on 15,000 acres of private leased ground

2.     9 month access to the Red's hunting preserve for holdovers (released pheasants)

3.     Released birds available for $15 per Chukar, $27.50 per pheasant  (retail = $47.50)

4.     Each member issued a "play book" at beginning of season - very specific info to other hunt options in the area - from pheasants in Ea WA to huns and Quail in N WA

5.     Predator hunting access on a per day basis (must request permission - no free reign)

The Red's wild bird program is limited and currently has a waiting list.  Call to reserve your 2018 spot now!

Cost: $2000 per member



2018 Red's Deer Hunting Member Program:

Red's Fly Shop has exclusive access to over 50,000 acres of prime Eastern Washington mule deer habitat.  These properties offer general hunting seasons including for archery, muzzleloader, and rifle hunting for 3 point or better bucks.  We do have a late season archery hunt in one area that enables hunters to shoot does, too.  We limit access to these properties to provide a quality hunt for hunters of all skill levels.  The expanse and contours of the terrain are perfect for a true spot and stalk experience.  Whether you like to post up on a vantage point and glass all day, or roam the ridges and check out the bottoms of the deep canyons, there is more ground to cover than there is daylight to explore it all!   While there are some true trophy class animals that have come off of these ranches over the years, the average bucks are just nice 3 and 4 pointers that provide excellent table fare!  This is an excellent hunt for a group of longtime hunting partners or father with young kids.  We keep things organized so you can make the most of your deer hunting season. 

Cost:  $1000 (Each hunting member of party required to pay membership)


1.     Complete map of the property with parking areas identified

2.     Vehicle and hike in access during whichever season you choose (archery, muzzleloader, modern firearm)

3.      (2) hosted orientation days to tour members through the property and scout

4.      Constant Red's staff communication with members prior to opening day to help with strategy, and throughout the season to maintain organization and patrol the property.