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Largemouth Bass Fishing

Hilltop Lake - Private Bass Fishing

The Disneyland of Largemouth Bass Fishing!


  • Non Guided Trips: $150 Per Angler/Day
  • Guided Trips:  $495 per day (1 or 2 clients - 4+ hours ).

We offer trips for both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass in Central and Eastern Washington, but our main focus and the "bread and butter" of our Bass program is Hilltop Lake.  Hilltop Lake is a private fly fishing only lake located about 45 minutes east of our shop near the Gorge amphitheater. The high population of Largemouth bass in the lake along with the respectable size of these fish have led many to refer to Hilltop Lake as "The Disneyland of Largemouth fishing."  

At 35 acres in size, Hilltop is just the right size for a small craft Do It Yourself fishery.  The lake itself is long and relatively skinny with great Bass habitat including cattails, Russian olive trees, and weed beds surrounding the entire shoreline.  This creates an unlimited number of pockets and undercuts to probe with a variety of flies as you work the edges from a drift boat, pontoon, or float tube.  Hilltop Lake provides a quality Largemouth experience and offers a legitimate opportunity to land a 5+ pound trophy Bucketmouth on the fly.

While fishing is fishing, and they can inexplicably become lock-jawed at anytime, the fact that we restrict angler days and allow fly fishing only on Hilltop Lake gives anglers a "better than average" chance at experiencing something special.  Most days the fishing is anything but technical.  Largemouth bass are predators and when they set their sights on eating something, they're going to get it done!  Given the dense riparian foliage surrounding the entire lake and soft mud bottom throughout, bank angling is simply not an option.  Pontoon boats, drift boats,prams,  float tubes, and even small rowable sleds work well and are necessary to effectively fish the lake.

Two Options for Fishing Hilltop Lake:

1.  Do It Yourself Hilltop Lake rod fee:  All appropriate intel and directions are provided in advance.  We'll discuss areas of the lake, flies, gear, and techniques.  Bring your own gear including boat and flies and have at it!  To maintain a quality fishing experience, mixed groups (anglers who don't know each other in advance) are limited to 4 anglers per day, and exclusive groups (all anglers in one party) to 6, which is the maximum group size allowed.

2.  Red's Guided Hilltop Lake trip:  We offer half day guided trips on Hilltop Lake.  Included in this package is appropriate rods, reels, lines and flies as well as non alcoholic drinks and a meal.  Fishing is done from drift boats and trip times are scheduled around the most productive fishing window that your schedule will allow.  This often means the afternoon in the Spring months or evening in the Summer months.

Guided Trips Include:

  • All Bass Flies and Accessories (leader, tippet, etc.)
  • Any Needed Equipment (7-8 weight rods, bass taper lines, waders, etc.)
  • Lunch on the water
  • Non-alcoholic Drinks

Limited Space on Hilltop Lake:

To ensure the quality of fishing at Hilltop Lake remains great, it is restricted to fly fishing only with barbless hooks, half day guided trips on the lake, and it gets fished a maximum of 3 days per week. 

Public Water Bass Fishing Trips

While Hilltop Lake is our main Bass fishery, we do guide Largemouth Bass trips on numerous other lakes in the Columbia River Basin. The lakes are scenic, quiet, and perfect for row boats like we have.

Our Smallmouth Bass river trips typically take place on the Lower Yakima River near Tri-Cities. This is about 90 minutes southeast of Red's Fly Shop and Canyon River Ranch Lodge. Because of the uniqueness of this trip, we typically need the guests to drive separately from the lodge to aid with shuttle service.  May and June are the best times to do this trip.  

Bluegill - The fun factor.  While we take our fishing quite serious at Red's, it is supposed to be fun right?!  The panfish that we catch on our Largemouth trips during the mid-day hours provide a fun alternative to targeting Largemouth Bass.  We like to fish hard, but we haven't forgotten how to have a great time on the water. Bring a lightweight rod like a 3-4 weight and we'll hook Bluegill all afternoon and become a kid again!