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Baja Mexico Sea of Cortez - Couples Fishing Trips

5 Nights Lodging, 4 Days Guided Fly Fishing:  

Join us June 24th - 29th, 2017 - Only $2295 per COUPLE!

Download the 2017 Baja Sea of Cortez Packing List and Itinerary

Well be staying at La Mision Hotel in Loreto Mexico.  This is a luxurious, but affordable getaway for couples. The itinerary outlined encourages flexibility to add activities, relax with a book, or lounge at the pool.  The gals are welcome to accompany their husbands or significant others as ride alongs on the fishing boats as many days as they would like for a minimal upcharge (extra lunch, drinks, and tip).  Couples wishing to book fishing as an exclusive activity (the only 2 anglers in the boat) are subject to the additional fee.

This trip is hosted by Steve and Natalie Joyce, and Joe and Kelly Rotter.  We'll be along on this trip to coordinate the itinerary and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Trip Includes:

  • Ocean view suite for 5 nights at La Mision Hotel
  • 4 days guided fishing - associated fees and pairing based on double occupancy (1 slot per couple).
  • Fishing license, bait (Sardines for chum)
  • Marine park fee
  • Lunch on fishing boats
  • One day we'll quit fishing early (noon) and meet at Coronado Island for a group happy hour
  • Airport transfers
  • 1 massage per couple at the hotel.  Schedule it anytime during the stay.

Not Included:  

  • Airfare to Loreto
  • Gratuities
  • Food (except guide lunches) 
  • All drinks
  • Additional "exclusive" fishing days                                

CASH Necessary (estimated per couple) American dollars work fine. You can exchange for Pesos at the hotel desk however.  This is handy for small item expenses. 

  • Gratuities: $350 (includes guides and staff)
  • $600 for food, drinks
  • Shopping, most shops don't accept Credit Cards
  • TOTAL RECOMMENDED:  $1200 *this is a baseline estimate; it never hurts to bring more.


Alaska Airlines flies into Loreto, with the lag from LA being a Horizon flight.  We love flying on Horizon airlines because the planes are always clean, comfortable, and who does't like the complimentary beer and wine service?  Remember you get a free checked bag on AK if you have an AK Airlines credit card!

Hosts Flights From Seattle Washington:


We have arranged for special rates at the nicest and best Hotel in Loreto.  While there is a great restaurant at the hotel, it is a short walk to the main plaza for other restaurants and shopping, and also the marina where we meet the fishing boats.  Rooms are based on double occupancy (one couple per room), and all rooms are ocean view suites.  Only the best for our loved ones!


ARRIVAL DAY:  Check into hotel, poolside happy hour, dinner

DAY 1:  Fish 6 am – 2 pm;  Significant others (SO's) can accompany or stay in– Massage (schedule when convenient), pool – 2 pm poolside group happy Hour, 7 pm Dinner 

DAY 2:  Fish 6 am – noon then meet the group at Coronado Island for private beachfront Happy Hour!  SO's accompany fishing boats this day.  Return to Hotel 2 pm, Dinner 7 pm

DAY 3:  Fish 6 am – 2 pm or stay in and explore shops in Loreto, sit by pool, take the massage.... poolside group happy hour, dinner at 7 pm

DAY 4:  Fish 6 am – 2 pm, or sleep in and enjoy the morning!  Poolside group Happy hour, dinner 7 pm

DEPARTURE DAY:  Checkout at 11 am, lunch, shuttle to airport 

Red's Fly Shop has been hosting fishing trips around the globe for over a decade.  Regardless of where we're going, the preparation ritual is always the same.  Guys love to pull out our travel bags a week or so before trip the actual departure and begin packing.   This typically takes place on top of the dining room table.  We start by stacking clothes on one side and fishing tackle on the other, with various packs and bags in the middle.  One night is dedicated to going through reels, checking line knots and replacing leaders.  Another night is dedicated to organizing fly boxes.  Nothing generates anticipation and builds confidence like building a neatly organized box of the latest and greatest killer flies.  We won’t quite compare it to Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel, but a few of these creations have truly been masterpieces!  This exercise tends to work up a powerful thirst, so having a good microbrew on hand is a standard of operation.  We haven’t even gotten to the fishing part yet, and we’re already having a great time!  Don’t think our SO's haven’t noticed the mounting excitement at this point.  While being extra helpful around the house prior to departure, and leaving a note and ordering flowers to be delivered in middle of the trip may help ease the pain, it could never truly portray the gratitude we feel for holding down the household while we’re off casting flies!  We know we’re not alone in this dilemma, so we have searched the globe to find just the right trip that provides a great couples experience.  Like our other destination trips, this couples outing is extremely affordable, but provides a great value.  The amenities are first class, and the setting is beautiful.  

Loreto MX is located on the Baja Peninsula about 700 miles South of San Diego CA.  The large variety of activities, beautiful white sand beaches, fresh local restaurants, unique stores, and luxurious ocean front lodging make it a great retreat for fishing and non fishing guests alike.   We have seen a lot of beautiful locations, and the setting of Loreto is certainly among the prettiest we’ve encountered anywhere.  The Sea of Cortez is simply an amazing body of water.  The water is extremely clear, super deep, and surrounded by rugged mountains that often end in sheer cliffs along the shorelines.  Loreto was the first Spanish settlement in Baja in 1697.  Those of you who have gone to Cabo, Mazatlan, or Cancun, will find a very different experience in Loreto (population 14,697).  Only a couple planes a day come and go from the newly constructed airport.  There is only one line for the customs clearance, and it moves quickly.   

On the 10 minute drive from the airport to the hotel, you will see clean smooth streets, nicely painted houses, and landscaped yards.  The locals are friendly and happy to do everything they can to make your stay the best that it can be.  While we all love a week long fishing trip, 3 or 4 days of casting big flies on big rods is enough to wear down even the heartiest of anglers.  The early summer weather is consistent and perfect with hot days and calm seas.  To take advantage of the best fishing window and avoid the heat, we get on the water at 6 am and return to the hotel by 2 pm.  The package price includes the lodging, fishing, and activities outlined in the itinerary below.  You are on your own for dinner each night, and have a choice of several GREAT restaurants along the beach within easy walking distance from the hotel.


  • 9’ 12 weight rod for Marlin
  • 12 weight sinking line (20’-30’ head 350-500 grain)
  • 300 yards backing (Hatch 68 lb recommended)
  • 2 dozen assorted sardine and shrimp flies – most with weighted eyes
  • 30, 40, 50, 100 lb bite tippet
  • 9’ 10 weight rod w/ sinking line and floating line for Dorado, Bonita, Roosters, Jacks,...
  • 4 large Poppers
  • Good Pliers with cutter – Abel is pricey, but the best


Don’t go cheap on flies!  The most important part of the fly is a quality hook.  We really like the Enrico Puglisi flies for this very reason.  You don’t want the reason you lost your fish of a lifetime to be because you straightened or broke a hook that you saved a buck on!


  • Polarized Sunglasses:  Amber/ Copper best all around
  • Sun screen
  • (2-4) Long sleeved fishing shirts (Solar flex or button downs) 
  • Buff
  • (2-3) Quick dry pants
  • Comfortable shoes/ flip flops for wearing on the deck
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Book to read for afternoon beach time
  • Fly tying vise for afternoon beach time
  • (2-3) Lodge shirts (dinner wear)
  • (2) pairs Lodge pants
  • Bug repellant
  • Personal medications
  • Passport
  • Wallet 
  • Fishing Hat
  • Flip flops/ beach shoes for walking the beach
  • Binoculars for island exploration
  • Camera
  • Dry bag for boat
  • Lightweight rain jacket
  • Fishing gloves – with stripping finger protection